premier approach

The Premier Process

The process of opening a restaurant or any foodservice facility is an exercise in vision, guidance, details and execution.

There are milestones and hurdles along the way – the start of many activities are dependent on the completion of others. In addition, approvals, licenses and certificates must be earned from local governments and authorities.

Experience is the key. What we do at Premier is not taught in school. It is learned by trial (and yes, error). You need look no further than the legendary outcomes of our clients for confirmation that we are supremely competent.


We will meet with you early and often. We will understand your concept, conduct site surveys and help you determine the feasibility of your project.  We are very often involved in a project before there is a site. In fact, we sometimes travel with our clients to help them review hot concepts in other cities as they develop their vision.


Initial space planning is a collaborative process. You, us, architects, general contractors, whoever has a stake - has a say. These plans lay the groundwork for refining your vision. What equipment does the menu require? Where will you store your groceries and wash your dishes?


Put very simply – It does neither of us any good to design a project that can’t be funded. Again, the collaborative process is key. We talk through the process of real value engineering. Which means using our experience to advise you on where money should be spent and where money can be saved. Having a kitchen full of the cheapest equipment on the market rarely works well once the doors are open and your customers are hungry.


Complete, clear and accurate construction documents are paramount to getting accurate construction bids and in executing your vision. So that is what we provide:

  • 1/4” scaled floor plans
  • 1/4” scaled utility connection plans
  • Schedule of utility requirements
  • Energy efficient exhaust ventilation plans
  • Fire protection plans
  • Refrigeration engineering
  • Equipment specification manuals
  • Critical dimensioning and special condition requirements

There are no shortcuts. Great plans yield great results!


We prepare detailed itemized equipment bids for your final approval. All changes in scope are approved by you in advance. Surprises are for birthdays – not construction.


Immense experience and expertise are required to properly specify, design and procure the products needed in a functional, flowing commercial kitchen or dining room. This is not time to experiment. Industry leading sales, industry leading design, industry leading project management, great installers, that is what makes the difference.

The construction process is complicated. Details, details, details – we deal with them so you don’t have to. Frequent site visits and proactive communication with your construction and design team delivers results that keep you on schedule and on budget.


We are still with you! All the way to the finish line and beyond. Final health inspection, fire test, certificate of occupancy – we will be there throughout. Working on your final punch list, testing and calibrating your equipment, making sure you are prepared to operate.


As the project moves from construction to operation, we are still around. We assemble your operating manuals detailing contact information, equipment serial numbers and warranty information. We will file for any earned energy rebates on your behalf and probably even join you for a cocktail at your Grand Opening.

Get the process started. Talk to Premier today. You can’t afford to settle for anything less.