Premier Supplies Value Beyond Specs

Over the years, we’ve seen how kitchen crews actually use (or abuse) the hardware. We know which manufacturers stand up to the food-service grind. Premier has long-term relationships with the best suppliers in the business. We even consult with their R&D departments. Leaders in our industry know we’ll tell it straight. And that’s how we advise you, too.

If you can spend less on equipment, Premier will tell you. But, more important, we’ll tell you if you shouldn’t. Because investing in quality when it comes to the vital equipment for your operation usually makes the most business sense. It’s about balancing aesthetics with practicality. Our team listens to what you want and what you need, then advises on what works best. We’ll assist you with:

  • Inventory of existing equipment for a renovated space
  • Budget preparation
  • Equipment planning and specification
  • Procurement
  • Equipment delivery scheduling
  • Equipment start-up and training
  • And more

Talk to Premier. We help you navigate the planning, purchasing and installation process for streamlined efficiency and genuine functionality for your operation for the long haul. And that’s real value that’s not on the spec sheet.

Front-Of-The-House: Hello, Beauty—Meet Functionality

  • Seating
  • Dining Layout
  • Bar & Beverage
  • Fixtures & Finishes
  • Appliances

Back-Of-The-House: Harder, Smarter, Safer, Faster, Better (You Get The Idea)

  • Equipment
  • Kitchen Design
  • Refrigeration
  • Cooking
  • Storage