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Teresa's Mexican Grill

teresas mexican grill logoConverting a former Chinese restaurant to a new Mexican restaurant sounds simple enough, right?

Hold on, amigos.

In our vast experience with remodeling projects, most often starting as if it’s a new location brings the best results. This was especially true of Teresa’s Mexican Restaurant in Maple Grove, Minnesota. The family-owned and family-operated brand uses proprietary cooking, preparation, and service systems in its eight locations across the United States.

We knew we could make the space work for Teresa’s—better than it ever worked as a restaurant before.

Premier provided both the front-of-house and back-of-house designs for this expanding brand’s fifth location in Minnesota. We worked around the existing infrastructure for cost efficiencies. The project included a new exhaust hood, cooks’ line, ware washing area, walk-in food cooler/freezer, walk-in beer cooler, chillrite beer system, pick-up area/server pantry, and a new bar structure with underbar equipment.

During the build-out process, Teresa’s acquired adjoining space for a total of 6,000 sq. ft. We helped design and furnish additional seating, adding a storeroom and comfortable employee break area, too.

Now you could never tell that there was any restaurant but Teresa’s in that location. Just as it should be.