Lilydale Senior Living

Lilydale Senior Living

lilydale senior living logoHarry and Pearl Lemieux began caring for seniors in 1966 in Minnesota and the family has continued to expand and improve its services over the years.

Southview Senior Center in West St. Paul, Minnesota, represents the family’s move toward providing an array of innovative, high-quality living arrangements for seniors. Premier has assisted with the foodservice aspects of eight of the most recent facilities. Each is unique for its residents’ care spectrum, from independent living settings to highly monitored memory care facilities.

It’s not the type of facility alone that distinguishes the Lemieux family of senior living complexes. Inver Glen Senior Living, for example, is a LEED®-certified facility, committed to the health of the planet as well as healthy living for residents and staff. In addition, All Seasons Preschool at Inver Glen supports an intergenerational approach that combines the wisdom and patience of the older generation with the energy and vitality of the young children.

Premier’s outstanding ability to specify a full range of quality equipment and our extensive expertise in foodservice planning allow us to create highly functional kitchens and dining areas that fit the Lemieux family’s vision.

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